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Wittenberg Writing Center and Oral Communication Center

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WELCOME TO THE ONLINE SCHEDULES FOR BOTH THE WITTENBERG WRITING CENTER AND THE WITTENBERG ORAL COMMUNICATION CENTER. Once you register/login, you can access both calendars. Use the drop-down box to choose the schedule you would like to see. The Writing Center is located in Hollenbeck 112. The Oral Communication Center is located in the Library, room 210.

The Wittenberg Writing Center is now offering e-tutoring appointments. You can upload your paper to our calendar and receive a written response from one of our advisors. Do be sure, though, to follow these instructions carefully.

1. Choose an advisor who is listed as available for e-tutoring appointments. 2. Use the drop-down menu to select "Yes" for meeting online. 3. Make the appointment for SIXTY MINUTES. The calendar will not allow you to make an e-tutoring appointment if there is not a sixty-minute block of time. 4. Attach your paper to the appointment time. (You can re-open your appointment block or use the yellow icon at the top of the calendar.) Please use a .doc version of your paper. 5. Remember that we can respond to no more than seven pages per appointment. 6. You will receive a notice after your appointment time has passed that another document is available to download. Open up your appointment slot and download the document. 7. Revise.

 If you have any questions or concerns (or compliments), please let us know. Call or email Mike Mattison at 327-7072 or